automobile body repair

Auto Body Repairs

Complete Auto Body provides auto body services from paintless dent repair to full collision restoration. Check out our location pages for specific details.

image of car with hood open for mechanical repairs

Mechanical Services

From routine oil changes and tune-ups to more serious repairs, Complete Auto Body can keep your vehicle running smoothly all year long.

Auto & Commercial Towing Services

Our three towing companies, A2B Towing, Bolin Services, and A&A Towing provide towing for the family auto, van, truck, all the way up to commercial 18 wheelers! Visit the towing page.

Thief trying to steal a car at night

Anti-theft Key Immobilizer

Don't be the victim of theft or carjacking!  Our Key Immobilizer service kills all battery power and prevents the engine from being started unless the correct key is present.  Call any location to schedule your install or fill out the appointment form.

mechanic going over a vehicle performing a pre-purchase inspection

Inspections & Tune-ups

We will check your idle and timing settings. replace your spark plugs, etc., according to your manufacturer's recommendations.

mechanic getting ready to inspect car braking system

Brake inspection and repair

Your brakes can be the difference between you and disaster. We’ll make sure they’re safe and ready when you need them. We offer brake Inspections, brake pad and shoe replacement, rotors, calipers, and brake service.

car getting a steering alignment in the shop

Wheel Alignment

Having your wheels out of alignment can have a negative affect on how your car brakes and handles in an emergency. Getting the steering aligned will also help prevent uneven tire wear.

mechanic installing a new car battery

Car & Truck Batteries

Complete Auto offers full battery service for cars and trucks. We can test or replace your battery, clean the terminals, replace cables, and take care of any loose connections.

mechanic going over a vehicle performing a pre-purchase inspection

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Buy a used vehicle with confidence after we complete a bumper-to -bumper check-up. We'll inspect the engine and body and tell you exactly what you need to know.